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Camera ApplicationsLife Sciences

Why Sony STARVIS cameras are ideal for Medical & Life Sciences applications?

Balaji S
Many camera-enabled medical devices need to operate in challenging lighting conditions. In this article, learn about some of those medical applications, the key camera features required for them, and why Sony STARVIS cameras are the perfect solution for such medical devices....
Camera ApplicationsLife Sciences

How to choose a camera for medical devices?

Balaji S
Learn about the key factors to be considered while choosing a camera for your medical device. From optics to resolution and spectral performance, we cover everything you need to know about a medical camera selection....
Our Product Insights

Auto white balance calibration for an embedded camera lens

Vinoth Rajagopalan
The lens’ ability to reproduce the true colors of a target scene can determine the effectiveness of camera-enabled embedded systems. Find out how you can calibrate the lens to ensure auto-white balance as we unravel its key concepts....
Camera ApplicationsOphthalmic Fundus CameraRGB-IRTechnology Deep Dive

Why RGB-IR cameras are crucial to enable imaging performance in key medical applications

Balaji S
RGB-IR cameras come with pixels dedicated to both visible and IR light, which enhances the effectiveness of multi-band imaging. See in detail how these cameras are used in ophthalmology, surgery, and remote patient monitoring....
Autonomous Agriculture & Smart FarmingCamera Applications

How embedded vision is contributing to the AI revolution in autonomous tractors

Gomathi Sankar
Autonomous tractors are a big part of high-precision modern agricultural practices. See how they leverage embedded vision to carry out various tasks. Also learn the most critical camera features of autonomous tractors....
Camera ApplicationsPoint-of-Care (POC)

How cameras and Artificial Intelligence are changing the way we look at patient care?

Balaji S
The role of AI-driven imaging in healthcare has become critical, given its applications in remote patient care, telemedicine, and rehab. Learn how AI and embedded vision are revolutionizing patient care by enabling faster and more accurate diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring....
Camera InterfaceTechnology Deep Dive

Why are GMSL cameras becoming popular – and what are their industrial use cases?

Gomathi Sankar
GMSL cameras come with long-distance support while still maintaining low latency, which is crucial for many industrial applications. Find out the advantages of GMSL cameras, and some of their most popular industrial use cases....
Camera ApplicationsOthers

How embedded vision enables smart signages to drive memorable retail experiences

Ranjith Kumar
Smart signages continue to modernize retail stores and elevate customer experiences in today’s digitally-fluid marketplace. Discover the imaging challenges faced by smart signages and the five key camera features they absolutely need....
Autonomous Mobile RobotsCamera Applications

How do Autonomous Mobile Robots see – what product engineers need to know

Gomathi Sankar
Gomathi SankarGomathi Sankar is a camera expert with 15+ years of experience in embedded product design, camera solutioning, and product development. In e-con Systems, he has built numerous camera solutions for robots, industrial handhelds, quality inspection systems, smart city applications, industrial safety systems, and more. He has played an integral......
Camera ApplicationsSports Broadcasting & Analytics

Role of a camera in AI-driven automated sports broadcasting

Ranjith Kumar
Automated AI-based analytics is fast gaining momentum in sports broadcasting, given their benefits to viewing audiences as well as coaches and players. Get insights on the crucial role of embedded cameras and the future of AI and embedded vision in sports broadcasting....