Artificial Intelligence

Autonomous Agriculture & Smart FarmingCamera Applications

How embedded vision is contributing to the AI revolution in autonomous tractors

Gomathi Sankar
Autonomous tractors are a big part of high-precision modern agricultural practices. See how they leverage embedded vision to carry out various tasks. Also learn the most critical camera features of autonomous tractors....
How toOur Product Insights

How to achieve dual streaming using OpenCV in computer vision applications?

Vinoth Rajagopalan
Many applications such as smart surveillance, video conferencing, and traffic management sometimes require the camera to deliver two different streams simultaneously. Learn how to use OpenCV to configure dual streaming while getting access to the source code for the same....
Camera ApplicationsPoint-of-Care (POC)

How cameras and Artificial Intelligence are changing the way we look at patient care?

Balaji S
The role of AI-driven imaging in healthcare has become critical, given its applications in remote patient care, telemedicine, and rehab. Learn how AI and embedded vision are revolutionizing patient care by enabling faster and more accurate diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring....