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Unleashing the Power: A Guide to Model Inference and Visualizing Output with EdgeECAM50_USB

Suresh Madhu
Model inference is a crucial step in deploying machine learning models for practical applications such as Image and Object Recognition, medical diagnosis, and more. The process of model inference entails several intricate steps. Explore the EdgeECAM50_USB device, designed to facilitate efficient model inference and enable effective visualization of output. Learn...
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Airport kiosk camera – how to choose the perfect embedded camera for airport kiosks

Ranjith Kumar
The quality of cameras plays an important role in enabling airport kiosks to deliver memorable passenger experiences. See what major challenges affect their performance and all the key camera features you really need to solve them....
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How to achieve dual streaming using OpenCV in computer vision applications?

Vinoth Rajagopalan
Many applications such as smart surveillance, video conferencing, and traffic management sometimes require the camera to deliver two different streams simultaneously. Learn how to use OpenCV to configure dual streaming while getting access to the source code for the same....