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GMSL Camera over MIPI Camera

Prabu Kumar
GMSL is a high-speed serial interface used in automotive video applications, robotic devices, agricultural vehicles, etc. It is a SerDes technique that enables long-distance transmission. Compared to MIPI - one of the most popular camera interfaces, how does it fare? Find out!...
Camera InterfaceTechnology Deep Dive

What is a MIPI Interface? How does MIPI Camera Work?

Prabu Kumar
Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI) is one of the most convenient ways of interfacing cameras with host processors. So, get expert insights on the MIPI interface and how MIPI cameras work, and a quick history lesson too!...
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Using OpenCV with Jetson TK1 Camera

Dilip Kumar
The popularity of the Jetson TK1 kit has caused application developers to require assistance to leverage this technology effectively. Check out our comprehensive guide to use images from e-CAM130_CUTK1, a 13MP MIPI-CSI2 camera with OpenCV on the NVIDIA® Tegra K1 kit....
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More news about MIPI Camera Interface on TI OMAP35x/AM/DM37x

e-con Systems has made several impressive headways with our experiments on MIPI Camera Interface on OMAP35X. Wondering what’s our newest experiment? Well, we got the MIPI Camera interface working on TI AM/DM37x EVM! Read and see how we got it done....
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MIPI Camera Interface on TI OMAP35x/AM/DM37x

Phew! The search for our Holy Grail ended with our lead Engineer taking the first frame from MIPI Camera Serial Interface on OMAP35x Processor. So what’s the big deal? MIPI interfaces are not new. Wait; Try this – MIPI interface for OMAP35x/AM/DM37xprocessor series? Now, this is a big breakthrough. The......