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MIPI Camera Interface on TI OMAP35x/AM/DM37x


Phew! The search for our Holy Grail ended with our lead Engineer taking the first frame from MIPI Camera Serial Interface on OMAP35x Processor.

So what’s the big deal? MIPI interfaces are not new.

Wait; Try this – MIPI interface for OMAP35x/AM/DM37xprocessor series? Now, this is a big breakthrough.

The immediate benefit is for the customers who are building products on OMAP3, but were looking at OMAP4 just for the power of MIPI interface

Ladies and gentlemen! We have the MIPI working with OMAP3 on CSI 2 interface!! We have interfaced our e-CAM52_35x on to the Logic PD OMAP 3530 evaluation board .

MIPI Camera Interface on TI OMAP35x/AM/DM37x
MIPI Camera interface on TI OMAP35x/AM/DM37x

This is the first picture taken from our OMAP 35X MIPI Camera.

1st picture taken from our OMAP35x MIPI Camera

MIPI on OMAP35X was a tough nut to crack, after a great struggle, our R&D has paid off.

For people who are wondering why we need to go for MIPI instead of the parallel interface supported by OMAP3. Here is an explanation

“Demand for increasingly higher image resolutions is pushing the bandwidth capacity of existing host processor-to-camera sensor interfaces. Common parallel interfaces are difficult to expand, require many interconnects and consume relatively large amounts of power. Emerging serial interfaces address many of the shortcomings of parallel interfaces while introducing their own problems. Incompatible, proprietary interfaces prevent devices from different manufacturers from working together. This can raise system costs and reduce system reliability by requiring “hacks” to force the devices to interoperate. The lack of a clear industry standard can slow innovation and inhibit new product market entry. CSI-2 provides the mobile industry a standard, robust, scalable, low-power, high-speed, cost-effective interface that supports a wide range of imaging solutions for mobile devices.”

“Many customers have approached us for getting the camera module 5cm away from the connector or 8 cm away from the connector since they find it difficult to fit the camera module in the enclosure. The MIPI camera module from e-con Systems™ presents a solution to these customers. The camera module can be customized to be away from the connector as far as 10cm.” said Mr. Hari shankkar, VP-Business Development.

MIPI interface Block Diagram
MIPI interface Block Diagram

Currently we got this working in the Windows Embedded CE 6.0 (WinCE 6.0) version. Moving forward we are going to integrate the same in other OS like Embedded Linux, Android etc.

For more details, visit e-CAM55_37x – 5MP MIPI Camera board page.

Stay with us, in this exciting journey.

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