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See3CAM cameras on ARM over USB 3.0


e-con’s See3CAM family of USB 3.0 Camera solutions is very popular in the Industrial, consumer and medical applications. The team at e-con has been leveraging the USB3.0 throughput and the ease-of-use aspects of UVC compliance on all these cameras. e-con has a wide of USB 3.0 camera solutions as part of the See3CAM family as listed below:

  • See3CAM_80 : 8MP Autofocus, USB3.0 UVC camera
  • See3CAM_10CUG : Industrial Camera solutions featuring Global Shutter CMOS image sensor and available with monochrome and raw Bayer RGB formats
  • See3CAM_11CUG : Industrial Camera solutions featuring Global Shutter CMOS Color image sensor
  • See3CAM_CX3RDK : A reference design kit (RDK) developed for CX3 chip from Cypress Semiconductors. This RDK is available with a few accessories as well.
  • See3CAM_30Z10X: 3MP Camera with 10x optical zoom capability
  • See3CAMCU50 : 5MP, Custom lens camera
  • And more to come…

At one point, we have started realizing that because of the virtue of USB3.0 interface being mostly available only on the Intel x86 based CPU platforms, the See3CAM family has been largely confined to the X86 platforms alone. And most of our industrial and medical customers have also been confined to the Intel X86 family to leverage the USB3.0 and it is that time, our customers have been looking for an embedded ARM based device. With an ever-increasing reach of ARM, especially with its big .LITTLE architecture, our industrial and medical customers have found the Samsung Exynos-5 Octa as a potential platform for their future applications. The Samsung Exynos-5 Octa has a USB3.0 SuperSpeed Host (it also has an USB3.0 OTG port as well) and the excitation that spread among our customers were, what if we connect See3CAM cameras to Samsung Exynos-5 Octa??

That “if” was lingering over the ears of our engineers over sometime, until one of them found that voila moment!!! Yes, the curious engineer got the See3CAM_11CUG camera working with Samsung Exynos-5 Octa CPU running Linux and more importantly over USB3.0 interface, by fully leveraging its throughput!!! He showed the See3CAM11_CUG streaming the video on Samsung Exynos-5 Octa CPU based ODROID-XU board available from Hardkernel (www.hardkernel.com).

Watch video for See3CAM_80 and See3CAM_11CUG Streaming 720p @ 30 fps while connected to ODROID’s USB 3.0 port

This marks the first step of See3CAM family USB3.0 UVC cameras of e-con working on the embedded ARM based platforms over USB3.0!! As we are hoping more such things to come in the future, enabling the See3CAM family to reach out every nook and corner of the world of embedded vision, we thought of sharing what we have done to our readers of this blog. And here is an article written by our engineer that walks you through the steps he followed to make See3CAM_11CUG (and other cameras of See3CAM family as well) working on the ODROID-XU platform!!

For more details Read article See3CAMs on ARM over USB 3.0


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