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See3CAM_CU55M vs See3CAM_CU51: Pick the right 5MP monochrome camera

The See3CAM_CU55M, developed by e-con Systems, is a USB 3.0 camera based on the AR0521 OnSemi Sensor. So, what makes it different from See3CAM_CU51 – our previous 5MP monochrome camera? Know all the major differences.

See3CAM_CU55M vs See3CAM_CU51: Pick the right 5MP monochrome camera

Launched by e-con Systems™, See3CAM_CU55M is the latest member of See3CAM family of USB 3.0 camera. Based on AR0521 OnSemi Sensor, it comes with fixed M12 lens holder. Despite e-con Systems having previously launched a 5MP monochrome camera (See3CAM_CU51), the latest release (See3CAM_CU55M) has some unique features that make it a standout solution.

First, let’s look at the specifications in which the sensors differ.

Feature AR0521 MT9P031
SNR 40 dB 38.1 dB
Power Consumption 1100 mW Full resolution @ 14 fps 1295 mW Full resol ution @ 14 fps
Dynamic Range 74.3 dB 70.1 dB

With higher SNR than See3CAM_CU51’s MT9P031, See3CAM_CU55M is comparatively a better low noise camera. This gives it an edge over MT9P031 under Near Infrared lighting. as well. However, with regards to power consumption See3CAM_CU55M is clearly more efficient.

Low Light Performance

At low light, the signal quality and tonal contrast are better in AR0521. Below are images for the given low lighting and same exposure. As you can see, the image from See3CAM_CU55M looks sharper with less noise.

Low Light Performance AR0521 vs MT9P031

NIR Performance

AR0521 is a clear winner concerning overall response for Infrared lighting. There is no doubt, as evidenced by the below images!

NIR Performance AR0521 vs MT9P031

Power Consumption

Below is the table comparing current consumption of typical resolutions in both cameras with Y12 format in USB 3.0 port. As indicated, See3CAM_CU55M has the slight advantage regarding power consumption.

Cameras Resolution Bits Per Pixel Frame Rate Current Consumption (mA)
See3CAM_CU55M See3CAM_CU51
2592 x 1944 12 14 220 259
1920 x 1080 12 30 218 256

All the points discussed above are in favour of AR0521 sensor camera See3CAM_CU55M which is best suited for low light and low noise over See3CAM_CU51.

e-con Systems™ is a firm believer that customer satisfaction is a result of continuous improvement.  When See3CAM_CU51 was released a few years ago, it was a transformative solution which garnered a lot of attention in the monochrome market. Today, with emerging technologies changing the embedded vision industry, See3CAM_CU55M is the futuristic monochrome solution that gives you more bang for your buck.

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