Camera Applications

Get insights into how embedded cameras are revolutionizing various applications across the industrial, retail, and medical markets.

Camera ApplicationsSports Broadcasting & Analytics

What is sports analytics? How is embedded vision reimagining it?

Ranjith Kumar
Embedded vision and sports analytics go hand-in-hand as the collected image and video data can help analyze player speed/performance, ball position, etc. Find out how these two technologies have been changing the world of sports and how to go about selecting the right camera....
Camera ApplicationsLife Sciences

How are CMOS cameras used in cell imaging and molecular imaging?

Balaji S
CMOS cameras have revolutionized the fields of cell imaging and molecular imaging, providing accurate and detailed information about cellular and molecular processes. e-con Systems offers high-performance CMOS cameras designed for cell imaging and molecular imaging, featuring high sensitivity, HDR, high resolution, low noise, and high imaging speed....
Point-of-Care (POC)

Unraveling the Mystery: Why CT scans and MRI scans are considered imaging devices despite not using cameras

Balaji S
This article delves into the reasons why CT scans and MRI scans are considered imaging devices, despite not using cameras in the traditional sense. It explains how these technologies work, their importance in modern medicine, and how e-con Systems’ camera solutions are enhancing patient positioning for even more accurate imaging....
Camera ApplicationsLife Sciences

How cameras and AI are replacing traditional diagnostics in digital pathology

Balaji S
Digital pathology is one of the domains within the medical space that is fast-changing with the help of AI-enabled embedded vision solutions. This article discusses in detail how the two technologies – AI and embedded cameras – are revolutionizing digital pathology and clinical diagnostics....
Camera ApplicationsLife Sciences

e-con’s edge AI vision solutions for medical and life science applications

Balaji S
Some of the modern embedded vision applications in medical and life sciences require the device to perform AI analyses on the edge. This in turn requires the camera to have the capability to deliver the right set of images to the host processor. Learn how e-con’s edge AI camera solutions...
Life Sciences

What makes e-con’s 4K HDR camera module a perfect choice for optical microscopy?

Balaji S
Modern microscopes use cameras to capture minute details of test samples – thereby improving the accuracy and speed of diagnosis. In this article, learn why e-con’s 4K HDR camera module could just be the perfect solution for your medical microscopes....
Camera ApplicationsPoint-of-Care (POC)

e-con’s new edge AI camera for automating pre-analytic tasks in in-vitro diagnostics

Balaji S
Modern IVD (In-vitro diagnostics) devices use cameras and AI in various pre-analytic tasks. Get the know-how on how cameras and AI algorithms work together to automatically classify test tubes in IVD. In addition, learn why e-CAM512_USB – e-con’s 5MP edge AI camera – is the perfect solution for all the...
Camera ApplicationsPoint-of-Care (POC)Remote Patient Monitoring

How cameras and AI take remote patient monitoring to the next level

Balaji S
Remote patient monitoring is one of the key applications in the medical space where cameras and AI are changing the way in which care is delivered. Check out this article to learn how the two technologies work together to make life easier for patients and caregivers....
Autonomous Mobile RobotsCamera Applications

How to choose an embedded camera for AMRs

Gomathi Sankar
Choosing a camera for autonomous mobile robots is easier said and done. It requires you to consider a multitude of factors. But we have made it easy for you. Whether you are developing a warehouse robot, patrol robot, or agricultural robot, this article outlines everything you need to know about...
Autonomous Mobile Robots

How embedded camera technology is revolutionizing new age service robots

Gomathi Sankar
Service robots are used in hospitals, hotels & restaurants, construction sites, office buildings, and even households. Interested in learning how cameras help these autonomous devices perform their tasks effectively? Jump right into this article....