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How e-con Systems’ RouteCAM_CU25 enhances 4 major embedded vision use cases

In this blog, you'll learn more about RouteCAM_CU25_IP67 and the types of applications that can maximize their performance with its state-of-the-art capabilities.

RouteCAM_CU25_IP67 enhances 4 major embedded vision use cases

Today, the demand for high-performance imaging solutions across several industries has never been greater. That’s why e-con Systems has been constantly innovating to offer breakthrough camera solutions that take application performance to the next level.

Recently, we released RouteCAM_CU25, our brand-new global shutter full HD GigE camera, backed by the cutting-edge AR0234CS sensor. It represents yet another quantum leap we have taken to empower businesses and product developers to overcome real-world problems with our GigE camera portfolio.

In this blog, you’ll learn more about RouteCAM_CU25 and the types of applications that can maximize their performance with its state-of-the-art capabilities.

Four use cases of RouteCAM_CU25_IP67

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

RouteCAM_CU25_IP67’s global shutter technology accurately captures fast-moving vehicles, eliminating motion blur and delivering clear images. It is critical for helping intelligent transport systems perform real-time smart traffic monitoring, ensure prompt law enforcement, and enable smart parking management. These capabilities contribute to reducing congestion while enhancing road safety.

The camera’s GigE interface ensures video data transmission over long distances, enabling centralized monitoring across various transport points. RouteCAM_CU25_IP67’s high frame rate also drives the quick analysis needed for adaptive traffic signal control, incident detection, and law enforcement. Finally, its IP67-rated enclosure drives consistent performance in different weather conditions, making it ideal for outdoor deployment in intelligent transport systems.

Industrial safety systems

RouteCAM_CU25_IP67 improves industrial safety through its high accuracy and quick image capture capabilities. It offers capabilities such as helmet detection and perimeter safety for forklifts, ensuring a safer working environment. With its 60 fps capture rate and global shutter mode, it accurately tracks and records fast-moving forklifts and detects safety helmets with great detail. In the process, motion blur is eliminated, as well.

RouteCAM_CU25_IP67’s GigE interface supports data transfer over long distances, making it ideal for large industrial settings that require centralized safety monitoring systems. Its in-built ISP ensures high-quality images even in low-light conditions, providing consistent performance regardless of the environment.


Smart retail systems

RouteCAM_CU25 is a powerful camera solution for boosting smart retail operations with loss/shrinkage prevention and shelf monitoring capabilities. With its high accuracy and fast image capture capabilities, this camera ensures detailed and reliable surveillance to mitigate theft and inventory loss. The 60 fps capture rate and global shutter mode enable clear recording of customer and employee activities.

For shelf monitoring, the RouteCAM_CU25_IP67 provides real-time, high-resolution images that help maintain optimal stock levels and product placement. Shelves can always be well-stocked and organized, improving the shopping experience. The camera’s GigE interface ensures data transfer over long distances, making it suitable for large retail spaces too.

smart retailPatient monitoring systems

RouteCAM_CU25_IP67 elevates the performance of patient monitoring systems by providing clear and reliable image quality. Its global shutter technology guarantees that images are free from motion blur, which is crucial for accurately monitoring patient movements and vital signs. The camera’s 60 fps capture rate allows for detailed real-time monitoring, which plays a key role in timely medical interventions.

Importantly, RouteCAM_CU25_IP67’s GigE interface drives efficient data transfer over long distances. It can enable centralized monitoring in large healthcare facilities. Also, its in-built ISP enhances image quality by adjusting exposure and white balance, ensuring optimal performance in various lighting conditions.

remote patient monitoring

e-con Systems’ Strengthens Portfolio with a Newly-Launched Global Shutter PoE Camera

RouteCAM_CU25_IP67, e-con Systems’ latest release, is a global shutter full HD GigE camera. Expanding upon the success of our RouteCAM lineup, this brand-new camera integrates PoE and global shutter technologies, offering advanced capabilities for embedded vision use cases like intelligent transport, industrial safety, patient monitoring, and smart retail.

RouteCAM_CU25_IP67 is powered by the AR0234CS sensor, which helps provide superior image quality even for fast-moving objects. With PTP Synchronization, it achieves sub-microsecond levels of time synchronization, ensuring precise alignment of frames captured by multiple Ethernet cameras. It also can transmit high-quality video over long distances with GigE connectivity while ensuring that data integrity and speed are maintained.  As you can imagine, this is very beneficial for real-time monitoring and analysis.

Furthermore, RouteCAM_CU25_IP67 comes with features such as high frame rates, meaning it is more than capable of seamlessly handling the needs of many use cases. In smart cities, for example, it can provide clear images for regulating traffic flow and improving road safety.

Other features include:

  • On-board high performance ISP
  • PTP time and frame synchronization
  • Compatible with CloVis Central™ – Device Management Platform
  • Maximum cable length of up to 100m
  • M12 lens holder
  • Streaming compressed Full HD data at 60 fps (MJPEG, H.264, and H.265 formats)

Learn more about RouteCAM_CU25_IP67.

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