4K Monochrome USB 3.1 Gen 1 Camera

USB 3.0 camera with interchangeable lenses from e-con Systems™

Published on April 16, 2014

We have launched now See3CAMCU50 – CMOS USB camera with M12 lens holder. See3CAMCU50 is a USB 3.0 Camera based on OV5640 sensor from Omnivision.

The See3CAMCU50 is provides the flexibility in choosing a lens of choice depending on the viewing angle required ranging from 75 degrees to 150 degrees. See3CAMCU50 can be used in Medical devices like Digital Microscopy, Dermatology, Low Vision Products, Surveillance, Video Analytics, patient monitoring systems etc. Also they can be used for KIOSK, OCR and Video Conferencing.

The See3CAMCU50 allows the customer not only the flexibility to choose a wide-angled lens of their choice but also combines the advantage with the USB 3.0 functionality. The See3CAMCU50 based on e-con’s own USB UVC Stack. e-con can also offer customized versions of the See3CAMCU50 camera as per customer requirements.

For more information about our product visit, www.e-consystems.com/M12-CMOS-USB-3-Camera.asp

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