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e-con Systems Launches 5MP Global Shutter Camera with Multi-ROI for Zero Blur Motion Capture

Suresh Madhu
e-con Systems’ newly launched e-CAM56_CUOAGX is a 5MP high-resolution global shutter camera featuring the Pregius S IMX568 sensor engineered to obtain sharp high-quality images of objects in motion at a high frame rate....
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Top factors to consider when integrating multiple cameras into embedded vision applications

Suresh Madhu
Integrating multiple cameras into a camera-enabled system offers significant advantages, making it a crucial requirement in various applications, including industrial automation, surveillance, virtual reality, and more. Discover the key factors that play a crucial role in the successful integration of multi-camera systems, such as the number of cameras, synchronization methods,...
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e-con Systems launches its first FPD-Link III camera – aims to anchor its position in long-distance cameras

Suresh Madhu
After numerous successful deployments of its GMSL2 cameras, e-con aims to continue its leadership in offering high-performance long-distance camera modules with the launch of its first FPD-Link III camera – NeduCAM25. Read the article to know all about its features, benefits, and applications....

How to integrate a multi-camera solution into your surround view system

Ranjith Kumar
Surround view systems (SVS) are one of the most popular embedded vision applications where a multi-camera is used. Dive into this article to learn how you can smoothly integrate a multi-camera system into an SVS used in large trucks, fleets, robots, and autonomous tractors....
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How to implement multi-camera synchronization in smart carts the right way

Vinoth Rajagopalan
Smart cart systems, equipped with multi-camera synchronization, are changing the retail landscape. See how to implement a synchronized multicamera system in smart carts the right way while overcoming frame rate and latency challenges...
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Build your dream AI applications with e-CAM130A_CUXVR on the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier

Dilip Kumar
The DeepStream SDK is a lot more than just hype – it is a game-changing SDK that maximizes the potential of the GStreamer framework. Learn how to build your dream AI-based applications with e-CAM130A_CUXVR on NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier....