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Using OpenCV with Jetson TK1 Camera

Published on June 30, 2015

With growing popularity of Jetson TK1 and Camera for Jetson TK1 kit, we have come with a getting started guide for application developers to use the images from e-CAM130_CUTK1, a 13MP MIPI-CSI2 camera with OpenCV on the NVIDIA® Tegra K1 Kit.

Check our article at https://www.e-consystems.com/Articles/Camera/opencv-jetson-using-13MP-MIPI-camera.asp
This Article briefs on

  • How to use the high resolution frames from e-CAM130_CUTK1 along with OpenCV on the Jetson TK1.
  • How to install CUDA.
  • How to enable CUDA accelerations in OpenCV.
  • How to build a sample OpenCV application on the Jetson TK1.
13MP MIPI  Jetson TK1 camera

13MP MIPI camera on Jetson TK1 kit

Update: e-con Systems has tested the following camera boards for Jetson TK1:

 e-CAM130_CUTK1 13.0 MP AR1820 MIPI camera board for Jetson TK1
 e-CAM40_CUTK1 4.0 MP OV4682 RGB-IR MIPI camera board for Jetson TK1
 e-CAM30_CUTK1 3.4 MP AR0330 Low Light MIPI camera board for Jetson TK1


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