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See3CAM_10CUG – 1 MP USB 3.0 Camera is now with Color (Bayer) support

e-con Systems equipped the See3CAM_10CUG, a 1.3 MP USB 3.0 Global Shutter Camera, with color (Bayer) support. It can synchronize pixels exposure upon receiving an external trigger - supporting all features with a USB 2.0 fallback. Check out more info about this.


e-con Systems™ has added color (Bayer) support for their See3CAM_10CUG. The See3CAM_10CUG is a 1.3 MP USB 3.0 Global Shutter Camera capable of streaming camera frames 720p@ 60fps and 1280×960 @ 45fps. This camera can synchronize the exposure of all the pixels on receiving an external trigger. It also supports all the features with a USB 2.0 fallback. With this, the See3CAM_10CUG supports Monochrome and Color (Bayer).

USB 3.0 Camera - Color (Bayer) support
USB 3.0 Camera – Color (Bayer) support

See3CAM is a series of UVC compliant Super speed USB 3.0 Cameras from e-con Systems targeted for applications such as machine vision applications, object tracking, traffic management, Multi-Camera Video Surveillance and Panorama View capture. Read More

****  Update – Jan 30 2014  ****

Now e-con Systems has also launched See3CAM_11CUG, 1.3 MP full color USB 3.0 Industrial Digital Camera inline to See3CAM series of USB 3.0 Camera

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