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e-con Systems™ to launch 4MP RGB IR camera module based on OV4682

e-con Systems launched the e-CAM40_CUMI4682_MOD, a 4MP RGB IR MIPI camera module based on OmniVision’s OV4682 image sensor. Get technical insights on how the dual RGB and IR capabilities allow you to enable features like gesture recognition, depth analysis, iris detection, etc.


We are launching our e-CAM40_CUMI4682_MOD – 4MP RGB IR MIPI Camera module based on the OmniVision’s OV4682 image sensor.

The OV4682 sensor features a 2-micron OmniBSI-2™ pixel and records 4-megapixel images and video in a 16:9 format at 90 FPS, with a quarter of the pixels dedicated to capturing IR. The OV4682 features a high-speed 4-lane MIPI serial output interface to facilitate the required high data transfer rate.

The OV4682 sensor’s dual RGB and IR capabilities allow it to bring a host of additional features to mobile and machine vision applications, including gesture sensing, depth analysis, iris detection and eye tracking. By combining two capabilities into a single sensor, the OV4682 reduces the total cost for the system while also reducing the space required for multiple sensors.

OV4682 Camera Sensor - Spectral Characteristics
Spectral efficiency graph of OV4682 sensor

OmniVision’s OV4682 3D depth sensor is part of the infrared camera used on the popular Project Tango. The 4MP camera data and the IR sensor are combined and the image is processed into 3D mappings of an environment. Watch demo of Project tango at

e-CAM40_CUMI4682_MOD – 4MP MIPI IR Camera module is scheduled to be launched by end of June 2015.

Watch introductory video of e-CAM40_CUMI4682_MOD – OV4682 Camera module


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Jonathan Robson June 26, 2015 at 5:50 pm


Do you have pricing yet on the e-CAM40_CUMI4682_MOD – 4MP RGB IR MIPI camera module?
Also can you tell me if it will record in the lower resolution high frame rate settings of the sensor?


Anitha Jothiprakash June 29, 2015 at 8:28 pm

Hi Jonathan,
We are getting 170fps at VGA. We get 200fps @VGA sometimes. However 170fps is consistent.

Guo Chancen October 19, 2020 at 5:57 pm

Dear Sir/Madame,
We are Jinan Micro Smart Co.,LTD. in China. We are very interested in the 4MP color & RAW RGB-IR USB 3.0 camera(OV4682), and want to buy it.
How could we buy it in China? Could we buy it online with international express?What’s the price?
Thanks very much!

Anitha Jothiprakash October 27, 2020 at 7:52 pm

We already announced End of Life notification for this camera “OV4682”. Currently we do not ship our products to China. Once we expand our shipping wing, we will let you know.

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