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Embedded vision in telepresence robots – how cameras are easing communication and reducing human labor

Gomathi Sankar
Telepresence robots have played a key role in easing communication and remote working. This would not have been possible without high-quality embedded cameras. Get end-to-end know-how on how cameras are helping telepresence robots smoothly perform their tasks....
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Role of embedded vision in telepresence robots and some of the key camera features

Ranjith Kumar
Telepresence robots deliver next-gen video conferencing experiences by working in combination with devices like PCs, laptops, smartphones, or tablets. Look at the various functions of cameras in telepresence robots and what are all the features they should have....
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Why See3CAM_160 – 16 MP autofocus USB camera – is the perfect fit for telepresence robots

Vinoth Rajagopalan
Telepresence robots must be integrated with the perfect camera system for video conferencing, navigation, obstacle detection, barcode reading, etc. See why e-con Systems’ See3CAM_160, a 16MP autofocus USB camera, is the right choice for telepresence robots....
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Embedded vision in industrial robotics: Use cases transforming Industry 4.0

Gomathi Sankar
Even three years ago, over 2.7 million robots were operating in factories worldwide. Clearly, embedded vision is playing a massive role in Industry 4.0. Get the know-how on the impact of robotic vision in Industry 4.0, its major applications, and their industrial use cases....