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How cameras and AI are replacing traditional diagnostics in digital pathology

Balaji S
Digital pathology is one of the domains within the medical space that is fast-changing with the help of AI-enabled embedded vision solutions. This article discusses in detail how the two technologies – AI and embedded cameras – are revolutionizing digital pathology and clinical diagnostics....
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e-con’s new edge AI camera for automating pre-analytic tasks in in-vitro diagnostics

Balaji S
Modern IVD (In-vitro diagnostics) devices use cameras and AI in various pre-analytic tasks. Get the know-how on how cameras and AI algorithms work together to automatically classify test tubes in IVD. In addition, learn why e-CAM512_USB – e-con’s 5MP edge AI camera – is the perfect solution for all the...
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What is edge AI and what are its applications?

Prabu Kumar
Edge-based AI processing has given rise to many new-age embedded vision applications. But what exactly is edge AI? What are its benefits compared to traditional cloud-based computing? Check out this article where we dive deep into these in addition to looking at some of the modern camera-based applications where edge...
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How SmarteCAM works with AWS IoT Greengrass

Suresh Madhu
e-con Systems’ SmarteCAM, a ready-to-deploy smart AI camera system, has been validated by the AWS Device Qualification Program under the AWS IoT Greengrass category. Get info on the benefits of AWS qualified devices and how to operate SmarteCAM with AWS IoT Greengrass....