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OV7251 vs. MT9V024


Off late we are getting questions from customers on the choice of global shutter sensors. Should I use OV7251 or should I use MT9V024 and so on? Here is a blog that can tell something about the two.

The OV7251’s compact form factor makes it a highly attractive camera solution for space-constrained applications such as head-mounted displays, smartphones, tablets, notebooks and Ultrabooks. Likewise, the sensor’s low-power consumption makes it an ideal dedicated gesture sensor for similar application areas.

OV7251 has ambient light sensitivity which can be used for trigger for waking up.

The MT9V024 is a bigger sensor with a 1/3” form factor which means it is much better in quality in terms of the light sensitivity and S/N ratio.  It is more suited for automotive machine vision applications like unmanned vehicles.  Most of the stereoscopic cameras in the market today use the MT9V024 for the outdoor depth sensing. This is also something do with the 100dB dynamic range for which the OV7251 is no match. It also has excellent NIR response. e-con Systems™’ stereo cameras Capella and Tara use MT9V024.

Here are the differences

  S.No   Feature   MT9V024   OV7251
  1   Sensor size   1/3”   1/7.5”
  2   Low Power   No   Yes
  3   Ambient light
  No   Yes
  4   Dynamic range   >100dB   <70dB
  5   NIR   Good sensitivity at
  Not suited <750nm
  6   Applications   Outdoor stereo cameras,
Automotive applications
  Smart phones, tablets,
note books
  7   Highest resolution   WVGA   VGA


We have provided customization for both the OV7251 and MT9V024 camera sensors. For e-con Systems, there is no much differentiation. However based on the application, the Sensor has to be chosen.

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