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Extensive Multicamera Support for Qualcomm RB5 Development kit

Explore how e-con Systems' extensive multi-camera support revolutionizes the RB5 Development Kit with its cutting-edge offerings.

Extensive Multicamera Support for Qualcomm RB5 Development kit

The field of robotics is rapidly advancing, with autonomous systems becoming increasingly prevalent in various industries. To keep up with this evolving landscape, Thundercomm, a leading technology company which was formed as a joint venture between ThunderSoft and Qualcomm, has developed the RB5 development kit, a cutting-edge platform tailored specifically for robotics applications.

What is RB5 development kit?

The RB5 development kit is built around the Qualcomm QRB5165 processor, a powerful and customized chipset designed to meet the demanding requirements of robotics applications. With its heterogeneous computing architecture, the QRB5165 processor delivers an impressive 15 Tera Operations Per Second (TOPS) of compute power, enabling complex computations and real-time decision-making.

While the RB5 development kit from Thundercomm provides a solid foundation for robotics applications, it has certain limitations when it comes to range of cameras supported. However, these limitations are effectively addressed by the innovative solutions offered by e-con Systems, a leading provider of embedded camera solutions.

Let’s explore how e-con Systems surpasses these limitations and enhances the RB5 development kit with their cutting-edge offerings.

Overcoming the Limitations with Innovative Solutions from e-con Systems

The default RB5 development kit has support only for a limited number of cameras, which is not sufficient for more advanced use cases such as automated guided vehicles, industrial robots, self-driving vehicles, service robots, drones, and industrial control systems which are targeted for the QRB5165 processor. Recognizing this need, e-con Systems has taken the initiative to develop an adapter board that bridges the gap and empowers the RB5 kit with robust multi-camera capabilities.

Extensive Camera Support

e-con’s multi-camera adapter board unlocks the full potential of the RB5 development kit by providing the ability to connect up to 6 cameras simultaneously. The cameras can be either MIPI or GMSL2 or combination of MIPI and GMSL2. This allows developers to create innovative robotics applications with enhanced vision capabilities, enabling them to capture detailed images and videos from multiple angles and perspectives.

Comprehensive Camera Portfolio

e-con Systems boasts an extensive portfolio of high-quality cameras specifically designed to support the RB5 development kit. This comprehensive range of cameras ensures compatibility across a wide spectrum of specifications, ranging from Full HD to 20MP, encompassing both global shutter and rolling shutter options, available in monochrome or color, with support for HDR or LFM functionality, and excelling in low light or NIR conditions. By leveraging this solution, you gain the power to develop robotics applications with unparalleled vision capabilities. Each camera within the portfolio is meticulously designed to meet the exacting demands of various applications such as AGV, industrial robots, self-driving vehicles, service robots, drones, and industrial control systems.

Explore a selection of the supported cameras offered by e-con Systems:

Full Product Development

To simplify the development process, e-con Systems offers a complete solution in the form of a full product development. We are well-equipped to handle end-to-end product development projects, including hardware design, software development, integration, testing, and manufacturing. Whether it involves customizing the RB5 development kit to meet specific camera requirements, incorporating advanced features, or addressing unique application needs, e-con Systems is fully capable of providing a fully customized and comprehensive solution.

ISP Tuning and Optimization

In addition to offering multi-camera support, e-con Systems has expertise in fine-tuning and optimizing Qualcomm’s Image Signal Processor (ISP). This ensures that the Qualcomm QRB5165  can deliver the best image quality and performance, enabling robotics applications to leverage the full potential of their vision systems. Multi-camera use case tuning options, including multi-camera Auto Exposure (AE) Sync and multi-camera Auto White Balance (AWB) Sync, provide advanced control and synchronization capabilities for enhancing the performance of multi-camera systems. These tuning options enhance the visual quality, cohesiveness, and reliability of the captured data, enabling more accurate and consistent results in various applications. e-con Systems also excels in various tuning techniques, including HDR tuning, ultra-low light tuning, color reproduction tuning, and noise reduction tuning to optimize the image quality performance according to the requirements.

Pioneering the Market

Currently, e-con Systems stands as the sole provider in the market to offer extensive range of multicamera solutions along with a full product development customization for Qualcomm’s QRB5165.

Future Expansion

e-con Systems remains committed to pushing the boundaries of multicamera support for the RB5 development kit. With a dedication to innovation, we are continuously expanding our camera portfolio to provide developers with even more options, catering to diverse application requirements.

So, whether you’re working on automated guided vehicles, industrial robots, self-driving vehicles, service robots, drones, or industrial control applications, the RB5 development kit with e-con Systems’ extensive multicamera support forms the ultimate combination to bring forth and materialize your innovative vision.

If you are interested in integrating our cameras into your products, please contact us at Meanwhile, feel free to check out the Camera Selector to look at our complete portfolio of products.

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