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Tara Camera Review

Tara – USB Stereo Camera Review by Daniel Lee

Published on August 29, 2017

Our USB Stereo camera – Tara, was recently reviewed by Daniel Lee, Cofounder of Full Stack Embedded.

Check out the video:

Review Highlights:

  • Pre-calibration – Anyone can start playing with it immediately.
  • Housing – Easy to mount on any end products like robots, etc.
  • Monochrome sensor – Good for stereo.
  • Depth Viewer – disparity between matching pixels measured from both cameras.

About Tara: Tara is a 3D Stereo camera based on MT9V024 stereo sensor from ON Semiconductor which Houses 6-axis IMU. This USB Stereo camera gives pixel synchronous data at 60 fps & supports Depth ranges from 50cm to 300cm.

About Daniel Lee: Physical geographer who loves open science and collaboration. Cofounder of Full Stack Embedded. Interested in space, robotics, remote sensing and data science.

Read the full review: Getting started with the Tara e-con Systems™ Stereo Vision USB camera

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