August 2014

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Near Infrared USB camera

We recently launched Near Infrared (NIR) version of our flagship product e-CAM51_USB, with the growing enquiries from our customers looking for a NIR version of the same. The e-CAM51_USB_NIR has the e-CAM52_5640_MOD_NIR camera module which has the NIR filter removed. So what is special about these NIR cameras? Well let’s......
Our Product Insights

See3CAM_80 working on NVIDIA Jetson TK1

Dilip Kumar
e-con Systems™ camera team demonstrated the UVC-compliant See3CAM family of USB 3.0 cameras working with the ODROID-XU board. Check the article here, See3CAMs on ARM over USB3.0. Now, See3CAM_80, a 8MP USB 3.0 camera is tested to work with NVIDIA Jetson TK1 another ARM based development platform. Watch video for......