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See3CAMs on NVIDIA Jetson TK1 development kit

Dilip Kumar
As discussed in our previous blog “See3CAM_80 working on NVIDIA Jetson TK1”, we demostrated our 8MP USB 3.0 camera on the Jetson Kit. Now our camera team tested other See3CAM USB 3.0 Cameras on NVIDIA Jetson TK1 Development kit for image processing or any computer vision application. The NVIDIA Jetson......
Our Product Insights

See3CAM_80 working on NVIDIA Jetson TK1

Dilip Kumar
e-con Systems™ camera team demonstrated the UVC-compliant See3CAM family of USB 3.0 cameras working with the ODROID-XU board. Check the article here, See3CAMs on ARM over USB3.0. Now, See3CAM_80, a 8MP USB 3.0 camera is tested to work with NVIDIA Jetson TK1 another ARM based development platform. Watch video for......