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Why are HDR cameras important – and what are their major embedded vision use cases?

Suresh Madhu
HDR cameras are key to enabling embedded cameras to capture images in challenging lighting conditions. In this edition of the Camera Applications series, get to know some of the most popular embedded vision applications where HDR cameras are used....
Technology Deep Dive

Key embedded vision applications of HDR cameras

Prabu Kumar
The inability to accurately capture images under varying lighting conditions hampers the performance of smart surveillance traffic, AMRs, and agricultural vehicles. Learn how HDR cameras overcome this by capturing multiple frames of the same scene at different exposures....
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How to choose the right camera for Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)?

Bremi Maruthaiyan
Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is a big part of smart city management as it ensures more citizen security and streamlines transport. Know its key use cases and uncover the three top factors to be considered while choosing a sensor for ANPR. ...
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See3CAM_CU20 VS See3CAM_CU30

Arun Asokan
You may wonder why we Launch See3CAM_CU20 yet another Full HD (1080p) camera when we have our most popular See3CAM_CU30? Launching See3CAM_CU20 naturally creates a lot of comparisons and confusions since there is already a 1080P camera in our catalogue – the See3CAM_CU30. To add to the confusion, See3CAM_CU20 is......