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ROS support for Tara – USB3 Stereo camera

ROS-based software configurations are used in many robotic systems where the hardware is modular – simplifying the process of ROS system upgrades. Find out how you can use Tara, a 3D stereo camera by e-con Systems, with a new easy-to-install ROS driver.

Tara supports ROS

ROS based software configurations are being used in many vision systems. Primarily in robots where the hardware is modular which is the fundamental concept of ROS. This makes upgrading an existing ROS system as easy as connecting a new peripheral and installing the appropriate software for it.

To facilitate such flexible systems our USB 3.0 based 3D stereo camera Tara can be used, we have added a new ROS driver for Tara which is easy to install and use. We had earlier published an article describing how to use See3CAM_10CUG in an ROS system. Now we have also updated our article for USB 3.0 stereo camera to support getting the inclination of the camera in the real world. Check the following link below to know more:

Some of the features of the USB 3.0 Stereo camera includes the following:

  • Supports WVGA((2*752)x480) at 60fps
  • 1/3” MT9V024 Global Shutter Sensor
  • Supported depth ranges from 50cm to 300cm
  • Built-in Inertial Measurement Unit to detect camera orientation.

Feel free to contact if you have any queries regarding the ROS support for Tara camera or if you require additional features to be added to the ROS driver for the Tara camera.

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