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e-con Systems™’ 5 MP UAC Autofocus USB HD Camera Module comes with Linux support

e-con Systems launched the e-CAM51_USB, a 5 MP HD USB camera. It houses the e-CAM52_5640_MOD, a 5MP pluggable autofocus USB camera module based on OmniVision’s OV5640 CMOS image sensor. Get the latest press release details here.


5 MP USB HD Camera – e-CAM51_USB, housing 5 MP Autofocus Camera Module e-CAM52_5640_MOD based on OmniVision’s OV5640 CMOS image sensor, now comes with Linux support. The Linux software package for 5MP USB Camera Module includes V4L2 Driver and eCAMGUVCView.

eCAMGUVCView is a simple GTK+ interface for capturing and viewing video from the devices supported by the Linux UVC driver. This tool also supports extension unit control of e-con’s USB webcam products.

eCAMGUVCView - Linux sample Application
eCAMGUVCView - Linux sample Application

The features provided in the application are as follows:

a) Enumerating and listing all USB video and audio devices connected.
b) Properties of audio capture devices (if any audio device is available).
c) Properties of video renderer.
d) Changing resolution and color space/compression for video stream(if different resolution are supported by the device)
e) Currently configured values of preview which is being shown.
f) User can capture still images and set the path where still images will be saved.
g) Configure UVC Extension Control (if supported by device)
h) Displaying the average frame rate.


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