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5MP HD Camera for DaVinci Processors


We have launched a new camera board for the AM3715/DM3730. The DM3730 is powerful when compared to the OMAP3530. It can run at 1Ghz and the encoder in the DM3730 can do 30fps at 720p. The encoding can be H.264. The camera ISP is the same and there is little or no difference in the ability of the camera pipeline compared with the OMAP3530.

We have come up with the e-CAM50_DM37x a 5M pixel camera solution featuring the OV5642 image sensor for the DM3730. This sensor is a HD image sensor and can stream in 720p @ 30fps. We have both Linux and WinCE drivers available. Customers can readily integrate and test the performance on the DM3730 EVM. For more information, please see the e-CAM50_DM37x page and here is a video of the DM3730 EVM running WinCE with the e-con’s camera e-CAM50_DM37x attached to it.



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