Raspberry Pi 4

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Automatic number plate recognition with e-con Systems’ global shutter camera and Raspberry Pi 4

Vinoth Rajagopalan
Smart surveillance devices in parking lots and smart traffic systems need to read license plates to identify vehicles. See how you can use See3CAM_24CUG, e-con Systems’ Full HD global shutter color camera, and Raspberry Pi 4 to build a PoC solution for edge AI-based ANPR devices....
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Ultra HD USB camera for Raspberry Pi 4

Ram Prasad
With the launch of Raspberry Pi 4 with USB 3.0 camera support, it’s now easy to maximize the potential of the See3CAM series of USB 3.0 cameras by e-con Systems. Discover the key camera features of this series and see how to get started with See3CAM_130 and Raspberry Pi 4....