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What is a liquid lens camera and how does it work?

Prabu Kumar
Liquid lenses have been the backbone for autofocus cameras used in many new age embedded vision applications. So, get the ultimate know-how on how liquid lens cameras work, their use cases, and what separates them from VCM cameras...
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e-con’s first liquid lens USB 3.0 camera – See3CAM_30, a 3.4 MP Autofocus Camera with Invenios Liquid Lens

Gomathi Sankar
e-con Systems launched the See3CAM_CU30, based on the AR0330 sensor from onsemi, its first liquid lens USB 3.0 camera. Built to ensure high sensitivity, it delivers fast and continuous autofocus. See why the See3CAM_CU30 is the best-fit low-light camera with autofocus for your applications....