September 2017

Our Product Insights

See3CAM_CU20 VS See3CAM_CU30

Arun Asokan
You may wonder why we Launch See3CAM_CU20 yet another Full HD (1080p) camera when we have our most popular See3CAM_CU30? Launching See3CAM_CU20 naturally creates a lot of comparisons and confusions since there is already a 1080P camera in our catalogue – the See3CAM_CU30. To add to the confusion, See3CAM_CU20 is......
Our Product Insights

See3CAM_CU30 for Surveillance

Gomathi Sankar
See3CAM_CU30 is an USB Camera based on AR0330, a 1/3 inch, 3.4 Mega Pixel CMOS image sensor from On-Semi. It has been one of the super hit products of e-con systems™ for the past few years especially in Video conferencing and Surveillance industries. Let’s see what makes it most popular......