Low light and NIR imaging

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e-con Systems™ Launches 20MP (5K) High-Resolution Multi-Camera, Capturing Every Tiny Detail for Exceptional Imaging

Suresh Madhu
Introducing the e-CAM200: a cutting-edge 20MP (5K) Multi-Camera by e-con Systems™. This innovative camera sets new standards with its exceptional image quality, seamless integration with NVIDIA® Jetson and Qualcomm® Robotics platforms, and advanced features like expert ISP Fine-Tuning, NIR performance, low-light capabilities and shutter efficiency enhancement. Discover the next era...
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How cutting-edge camera features elevate Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) to new heights

Balaji S
Embedded camera solutions have transformed the Remote Patient Monitoring landscape, potentially saving millions of lives. Know about the role of cameras in RPM systems and all the must-have camera features that can make or break it....