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TaraXL SDK introduces support for x86 platforms

The TaraXL Software Development Kit (SDK), by e-con Systems, is capable of doing high-quality 3D depth mapping of WVGA up to 60fps. Now, it has support for x86 Linux platforms. Know more about this latest product update.

TaraXL SDK introduces support for x86 platforms

The new TaraXL SDK release includes the following enhancements:

Linux x86 Platform Support

We are excited to announce that the support for x86 Linux platforms is included in TaraXL SDK. Note that Nvidia graphics card and CUDA must be installed on your Linux PC for TaraXL SDK support.

Other SDK Updates

1. OpenCV update to 3.4.2 in TX2.

2. TaraXL tools updated in GitHub. You can download the tools and examples from GitHub.

Enhanced ROS Support

Please visit this link for more information – http://wiki.ros.org/taraxl-ros-package

Update your SDK today

Download TaraXL SDK from e-con Systems™ Developer Website.

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