Virtual Keyboard_Kiosk

Touch devices like mobile phones, tablets, kiosk, POS terminals use a virtual keyboard.

This article guides you to create a virtual keyboard for your application running on e-con systems™ eSOMiMX6 based development kit Ankaa using Qt.

Virtual keyboard:

e-cons virtual keyboard is a minimal keyboard application that runs alongside the other applications on the device. Whenever the user wants to input some text for the other applications, the virtual keyboard pops up a window that emulate the keys of a hardware keyboard. The user can click the key buttons and the keyboard application will convert those to key events and sends it to the application window that currently has the focus.

To showcase the virtual keyboard on eSOMiMX6 device, we developed a demo application which shows or hides the virtual keyboard on the fly.

Features of virtual keyboard:

  • Numeric keyboard

  • Lower and uppercase alphabets

  • echo password facility

  • Light and dark themes

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Please visit our developer website to know more about the usage of the virtual keyboard application running on eSOMiMX6 device(s).

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