Barcode Reading

You would have observed that usage of barcode is getting more and more common these days.

You will see the codes on shop displays, product packaging, printed and billboard advertisements, in emails as well as on websites. The possibility of barcodes being used for both marketing and promotion of products, brands, services as well as any other thing is very high.

This article will explain how e-con’s eSOMiMX6 can be used to develop a barcode scanner application using Qt.

To showcase how quickly we can decode QR codes on eSOMiMX6 device, we developed a barcode scanning application. This application was developed using QML and QZXing library was used for decoding.



id: videoOutput

source: camera // QML camera

filters: [ zxingFilter ]




id: zxingFilter

decoder {

enabledDecoders: QZXing.DecoderFormat_QR_CODE



QZXing provides a Qt/QML wrapper library for the ZXing decoding library. It supports the following bar code types:

  • UPC-A and UPC-E

  • EAN-8 and EAN-13

  • Code 39

  • Code 93

  • Code 128

  • ITF

  • Codabar

  • RSS-14

  • RSS Expanded

  • QR Code

  • Data Matrix

  • Aztec (‘beta’ quality)

  • PDF 417 (‘alpha’ quality)

Full source code for the barcode scanning application is available on e-con Systems™ developer site.

Please refer our previous articles on How to setup Qt creator for eSOMiMX6 devices and How to build, deploy and run Qt applications on eSOMiIMX6 devices to build and run the application on eSOMiMX6 devices.