eSOMgears-OTA firmware Upgrade in 5 easy steps

eSOMgears-OTA is e-con’s cloud based solution for firmware upgrades for embedded devices. This blogs details 6 easy steps following which you can attach your device to eSOMgears to receive firmware updates.

Step 1 – Create an account and login to eSOMgears using your web browser. Go to Product Management and create a new product for your device with description.

Step 2 – For the newly created product in Step 1 download links for development kit will be provided. Download the development kit and copy to your build machine.

Step 3 – On your build machine follow the instructions for the development kit and build your product firmware for your factory SD card. You can test and start shipping your devices to your customers.

Step 4 – Upload the firmware build to eSOMgears cloud to the product you created in Step 1 via., firmware management page.

Step 5 – Register your devices with eSOMgears cloud on device management page to start receiving firmware upgrades. This can be done at the factory or at your customer premises.

At e-con we take care of managing your device firmware secure and hassle free. One need not worry about huge investments in setup and maintenance of large servers, administering and securing them 24/7. We follow industries best security encryptions and secure infrastructure to manage your embedded device from anywhere around the world. eSOMgears-OTA helps customers focus on their mainline product development and least worry about firmware upgrade part with the ready-made highly tailorable cloud based solution.

On the embedded device we also provide ARM based eSOMgears SDK which one can seamlessly integrate in their product for firmware upgrades.

To experience eSOMgears-OTA, please visit: