Qt is widely used as the software development framework of choice for creating, building and deploying millions of connected embedded devices and applications.

Why do we use Qt for our development purposes ?

  • Outstanding user experience (UX)
  • Faster time to market
  • Internationalization Support

Lets dive in and check what Qt provides us with to make our products reach the market faster.

Qt provides APIs for multimedia, network, connectivity, navigation, etc.

These APIs access various hardware and mobile features which makes it easy for the application developers to concentrate on the development instead of concentrating on hardware layers which allow us to bring our products to market faster.

Using QML, the design gets implemented instantly and can be tried out immediately on the target hardware. Changes can also be done on the spot based on the users feedback. Knowing early what works and seeing alternatives allow us to bring our products to market faster.

Since Qt can run on multiple platforms, it also saves us a lot of development time and allows us to bring our products to the market faster.

Apart from the APIs, QML and the ability to run on multiple platforms,  Qt also provides us with various tools which helps our products reach markets quickly.

Popular Qt tools

Below are the top 6 popular Qt tools and a short description of their use.

Qt-Creator  – Cross platform IDE

Qt Linguist Manual  – Provides support for translating Qt C++ and Qt Quick applications into local languages.

QMake – Cross platform Makefile generator

Qt Designer – Tool to generate UI

qmlscene – A utility that loads and displays QML documents even before the application is complete

QML Profiler – Find causes for typical performance problems (slowness and unresponsive user interfaces) in your applications.

We strongly support Qt for its merits to design UI applications on our embedded platforms.

Please visit our developer website to download detailed instructions to configure qt-creator, build, deploy and Qt applications on eSOMiMX6 devices.

Are you looking to develop one such Qt application using QML ? Then, the e-con Systems™ eSOMiMX6 based Ankaa kit might be a good solution for you.

Please visit our developer website to download various articles and sample programs on Qt.

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