SOM with Visual Graph

Qt Data Visualization is used to visualize the data as 3D graphs. The graphs that can be plotted using Qt visualization includes,

  • Bar graph
  • Scatter graph
  • Surface graph

Qt Data Visualization is effectively used in-depth mapping and where the data varies rapidly. Qt Data Visualization used Qt 5. OpenGL is infused inorder to make use of hardware acceleration and Qt Quick 2.

Qt Data Visualization can be included to the project in the following ways:

Qt Data Visualization in C++

#include <QtDataVisualization>
using namespace QtDataVisualization;

Qt Data Visualization in QML

import QtDataVisualization 1.2

The following code snippet shows how to use QBar3DSeries to render bars as cylinders with a gradient.

Q3DBars graph;

QBar3DSeries *series = new QBar3DSeries;

QLinearGradient barGradient(0, 0, 1, 50);

barGradient.setColorAt(1.0, Qt::white);

barGradient.setColorAt(0.0, Qt::black);





Qt Data Visualization is licensed along with Qt Enterprise.

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