SOM with QT 3D

3D applications can be built and run using Qt 3D. This can be achieved with the help of both C++ and QML APIs. Qt 3D is built upon Entity Component System (ECS).

Qt also provides Qt Quick 2 element, Scene3D, that enables embedding the 3D content into Qt Quick 2 UI.

Qt Quick 2 scene can be rendered on with Scene2D and registered to receive events from the Qt3D entity as shown below:

Scene2D {

id: qmlTexture

output: RenderTargetOutput {

attachmentPoint: RenderTargetOutput.Color0

texture: Texture2D {

id: offscreenTexture



entities: [ cube ]

Item {

id: customQtQuickStuff



The following are the significant modules with which the Qt 3D rely on:

  • Qt3DCore library
  • Qt3DRender module
  • Qt3DInput module

The features of Qt 3D are as follows:

  • Collision detection
  • Key-frame and morph target animation system
  • Rigid-body physics simulation
  • Qt Quick 2 within Qt 3D
  • Use QPainter to paint on textures
  • PBR materials
  • Dynamic materials
  • Support for more input devices
  • Build time/design time tooling for asset conditioning
  • Profiling and debugging tooling

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