SOM with QT Graphs

Qt commercial charts is an add-on module provided by Qt with which various chart components can be incorporated into the Qt applications. The chart components can be used as Qwidget and QGraphicsWidget object or QML type.

Qt commercial charts provide APIs for the following types of charts:

  • Line and Spline charts
  • Area and Scatter charts
  • Bar charts
  • Pie charts
  • Box and whiskers chart
  • Candlestick chart
  • Polar chart

The following axis types are supported by the QCharts

  • Value axis
  • Category axis
  • Bar category axis
  • Date-Time axis
  • Logarithmic axis

QCharts can be bound to the following ways to the application

QLineSeries *lineSeries = new QLineSeries();

lineSeries->add(0, 9);

lineSeries->add(1, 3);



QCharts can also be added to the QML as shown below:

import QtQuick 2.0
import QtCharts 2.0

ChartView {

width: 640

height: 480

antialiasing: true

PieSeries {

id: pieSeries

PieSlice {

label: “Success”

value: 94.9


PieSlice {

label: “Failure”

value: 5.1




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