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Widgets are the basic blocks of user interfaces in Qt. Widgets include buttons, labels, message box, text edit, tab, combo box, scroll bar, etc. For Qt Widgets, everything is C++.

The UI elements can be used to create a classic desktop-style user interface. It is more mature than Qt Quick and makes life easier for the desktop application developers. If data is more important than the UI, it’s good to start with Qt Widgets.

This article guides you to develop your first Qt Widgets application for eSOMiMX6.

To showcase how easily you can develop your widgets application on eSOMiMX6 we developed a simple application with the following widgets:

  • QLabel
  • QRadioButton
  • QPushButton
  • QLineEdit
  • QTableWidget
  • QComboBox
  • QTextBrowser

The application is just a UI prototype for network configuration. The good news is that there is no coding needed for UI designing. You can write your own logic in C++ to configure each network interface and extend the application to work as a real network dashboard!

Full source code for the Qt Widgets application is available on e-con Systems™ developer site.

Please refer our previous articles on How to setup Qt creator for eSOMiMX6 devices and How to build, deploy and run Qt applications on eSOMiMX6 devices to build and run the application on eSOMiMX6 devices.

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