Embedded systems often need to use a database to store contact information, EPG data and more. Many Linux systems use MySQL, however, such a large database management system may not always be appropriate for embedded systems. Since they are often taking part in M2M communication(IoT), they constantly capture, analyze and store data. Hence a compact database like SQLite is much needed.

Hence, there is lightweight database management systems implementation that is especially suited to embedded systems by their binary footprint, memory footprint, and CPU requirements.

This article guides you to build and use SQLite on eSOMiMX6 devices.

SQLite support SQL natively has a low memory footprint (190KB minimal / 325 KB full features) and is open source (GPL License).


  • A complete database can be stored in a single cross-platform disk file.

  • Zero-configuration – no setup or administration needed.

  • Simple, easy to use API.

  • Self-contained: no external dependencies.

  • Faster than popular client/server database engines for most common operations.

  • Transactions are atomic, consistent, isolated, and durable (ACID) even after system crashes and power failures.

Please visit our developer website to get step by step instructions to build the SQLite database for eSOMiMX6 and work with the command line tool(sqlite) to create a database and the sample application for SQLite on our eSOMiMX6 board.

For further assistance and queries get in touch with sales@e-consystems.com

To try eSOM++ SQLite on eSOMiMX6 device, please download:

Developer Tools Application Guide

Developer Tools Installation Packages Containing SQLite Recipe File For Installation