Boot time reduction has always remained a challenging and interesting task in case of embedded systems. Some applications may require the boot time to be very low. To achieve this, certain optimizations can be done in the uboot and kernel.

This article guides you to boot eSOMiMX6 and get camera preview in 1.12 seconds.

Linux kernel 4.1.15 is used for the fast boot. Instead of real root file system, initramfs is used. The initramfs contains only the busybox commands, camera streaming application and the libraries required by the application.

To reduce the boot time, we have made the following optimizations.

  • Boot flow of uboot was optimized.

  • CPU frequency has been set to the maximum.

  • Unwanted device tree configurations have been removed.

  • Unwanted modules (such as Bluetooth, Ethernet, Touchscreen and so on) have been removed from the kernel.

Please visit our developer website to get step by step instructions to boot our eSOMiMX6 board with the optimized binaries.

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To try eSOM++ Fastboot on the eSOMiMX6 device, please download:

Fast Boot Application Guide

Fast Boot Pre-Built Binaries