A shell script is the operating system’s command-line interpreter.
A command line interpreter is any program that allows the entering of commands and then executes those commands to the operating system.

In embedded systems, often a single task is executed several times. Using scripts, we can automate the execution of tasks that could alternatively be executed one-by-one by a human operator. For example, the set of commands to start the Apache web server on eSOMiMX6 device could be dumped in a single script file and executed each time during the device boot.

This article guides you to develop interactive applications using scripts on eSOMiMX6.

Each shell script has its own merits, some are pretty interactive while some speed up the boot time. It is completely the user’s choice to pick the right shell script for their device. We have ported the following scripts on eSOMiMX6.

• lua
• dash
• zsh

The video demonstrates the script applications running on eSOMiMX6.

Please visit our developer website to know about the merits of each of the above mentioned scripts and get step by step instructions to build the interpreters and run the sample scripts on our eSOMiMX6 board.

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Try eSOM++ scripting languages on eSOMiMX6

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Developer Tools Installation Packages Containing Recipe Files For The Scripts