In order to mount RAMDISK in your device. There are two methods for mounting the RAMDisk.

I. First Method:

In the below dialog box of your workspace,

Project->Properties->configuration properties->Environment

Add the following sysgen variable.


After setting this environment variable “Sysgen” your workspace. Now the created NK.bin will mount the 1MB of your RAM as Mounted volume.

Now you can increase the size of the RAMDisk by changing the RD_SIZE definition in the ramdisk.h file and regenerating the binary.

II.Second Method:

This method will mount the RAMDISK dynamically by running the LOADER application.

  1. First generate ramdisk.dll and ceramdrv.exe from the source available on the PUBLIC\COMMON\OAK\DRIVERS\BLOCK\RAMDISK folder.
  2. Open the command build window from VS2005 menu (Build->Open Release Directory Build Window) .
  3. Type >SET WINCEREL=1
  4. Then generate the ceramdrv.exe by giving “sysgen -p common ceramdrv” command.
  5. Then ramdisk.dll by giving “sysgen -p common ramdisk.dll” command.
  6. After generating the binaries, then transfer both ramdisk.dll and ceramdrv.exe from release directory of your workspace to the device.
  7. Then run the ceramdrv.exe with command line option as “ceramdrv.exe 3″.This will mount your ramdisk of size 3MB.
  8. For unloading the ramdisk run the command “ceramdrv.exe /u”.