Today’s world is all about M2M communication. More devices come online at a time, they get connected to each other on the go, request for services to other devices while some devices provide services. For example, a motion sensor could act as a client and inform a light bulb (producer) that no one is in the room so that the light bulb can shut itself off.

This article guides you to build and perform M2M communication using AllJoyn IoT framework on eSOMiMX6 device(s).

AllJoyn is a complete, open source, application framework for connected products, devices and services promoting ad hoc, proximity-based device-device communication.

AllJoyn defines a common protocol for devices and applications to discover and communicate with each other regardless of transport technology, platform or manufacturer.


The AllJoyn framework runs on the local network. It currently supports Wi-Fi, Ethernet, serial, and Power Line Communication(PLC).

A standalone AllJoyn router is provided to which all the applications connect. The communication between an application and the standalone AllJoyn router can happen over transports like UNIX domains sockets or TCP.

Please visit our developer website to get step by step instructions to build AllJoyn for eSOMiMX6 and run the sample application to facilitate M2M communication on our eSOMiMX6 board.

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