As we all know biggest improvements on the new Windows Embedded Compact 2013 launch was the upgradation of its compiler tools with the ARMv7 support and also to keep the application development tools aligned with the Visual Studio releases.

Please find the below table will help in choosing the right tools for the WinCE development.

Features VS2008 VS2012 VS2013
Platform builder WinCE7 WinCE2013 WinCE2013vNext
Smart Win32 Device Application Development Supported Supported(Only WinCE2013) Supported(Only WinCE2013)
.NETCF Application Development V3.5 V3.9(Only WinCE2013) V3.9 (Only WinCE2013)
XAML Application development Microsoft Expression Blend 3 Blend for VS2012 Blend for VS2013

After installing the SDK created using the Compact 2013 OSDesign only, the option for new project creation will appear in the VS2012 as shown in the below figure. Also we cannot create application for older WinCE version (i.e.WinCE7 and lower) using the new IDE i.e VS2012.

Visual Studio WEC2013
Visual Studio WEC2013

With this advantage, we can use the same IDE to develop the application for various platform like Windows Phone 8, Windows 8, and Windows Embedded Compact 2013 etc

Please refer my older blog post to know about the tools required for previous versions of WinCE.

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  1. I have a .NET V3.5 application that was building in VS 2008, I want to run that application in VS 2013 what should I do?

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