Ready for the AWS IoT gateway challenge?

This article guides you to build an AWS IoT Gateway in just 8 hours by making use of e-con Systems™’ eSOMiMX6 based development kit Ankaa.

Internet of Things is void without the cloud. Amazon is the leader in the cloud space without a doubt. AWS has an IoT platform which can enable millions of device to easily, reliably and securely connect to the AWS cloud.

Amazon IoT can act as the bridge between the Devices, Cloud and Applications.

If you are considering an IoT solution, mostly you will be looking for a variety of low cost wireless IoT sensors and connect them to an IoT GATEWAY which can take the data to the cloud.

How can you use this AWS IoT effectively?

Are you looking to build one such gateway? Then, the e-con Systems™ eSOMiMX6 based Ankaa kit might be a good solution for you.

eSOMiMX6 is a high-performance system-on-module based on NXP iMX6 processor capable of Single, Dual and Quad core processing units and on board WiFi/BT connectivity. The Ankaa kit that houses the eSOMiMX6 has a Giga Ethernet, USB, SD, RS232, SPI, I2C – all that you would expect in an IoT gateway.

We have already ported the AWS IoT Device SDK on Ankaa and we have samples in Python, Node.js, Java, Embedded C, C++.

We have also implemented the AWS cloud side to showcase a demo.

Check this video :

And if you want to try on your Ankaa board go here to download the manuals, source code and binaries. Go ahead and make your own IoT Gateway.

To download all required software packages 1 hour
Setup AWS IoT Management Console (create a thing, certificates and policies) 2 hours
Setup IoT repository and running the sample (including cross compiler setup/runtime setup) 2 hours 45 minutes
Testing data transfer using IoT Management console 15 minutes
Setup CloudWatch to visualize data (create a lambda function, IAM role, dashboard in cloudwatch) 2 hours
Total time taken 8 hours

PS: To perform the above mentioned development steps, please visit . You can gain access to it, if you have purchased an Ankaa kit or SOM from e-con Systems™. You need credentials and a SO number to download the binaries, source codes and manuals.

This is an engineering release and is not fully production ready. We can make it production ready for you. Please get in touch with