TK1 Board (Propus) streaming Dual frame synced Full HD Video

Are you looking to build a Dual camera imaging system that can be used in

• Parking lot surveillance
• 3D virtual tourism
• 360 degree video application
• Obstacle detection

look no further, watch this demo of eSOMTK1 RDK – Propus streaming Dual frame synced Full HD Video.

Key advantage of eSOMTK1 is that, the System-on-Module, Camera Board, BSP and driver support are all available in one place at e-con Systems™.

Tegra K1 processor supports three camera interfaces (2 four lane MIPI interface and 1 one lane MIPI interface). In eSOMTK1, all the three interfaces are taken out of TK1 CPU. These interfaces can be tested easily by using Propus carrier board.

About eSOMTK1

eSOMTK1 is based on NVIDIA Tegra K1 4-Plus-1 ARM™ Cortex-A15 Quad core running at 2.2GHz with DDR3L SDRAM configurable up to 4GB, eMMC configurable up to 64GB. Tegra SOM integrates WiFi and Bluetooth module. Both Linux and Android support are available.