HMS Device powered by eSOMiMX6 (Android)


A company specializing in Hospital Management System (HMS) approached e-con Systems™ for developing a multimedia device for capturing images and videos in the hospital environment and use it later for various purposes. The customer also wanted to stream the images/videos taken from the device to the remote server for processing and storing. e-con Systems™ suggested them to use eSOMiMX6 System on Module with Android Operating system.


The challenge here was to give high quality image and video in varied lighting conditions. All the camera tuning control had to be exposed in the Android application layer for effective calibration.

The customer was developing an Android launcher application for which all control had to be transferred. The customer wanted to develop custom hardware and associated Android BSP with custom camera controls in a very short period of time.


e-con Systems™ guided them to select the best possible camera for their product. Customer selected e-con Systems™ MIPI Camera which worked with eSOMiMX6 module. e-con Systems™ added support manual control in Android which let the user to control all the required parameters according to the hospital lighting conditions. Also the product was battery driven, so calibration of battery was added.

Being one of the early adopter of Android (started with Android 2.0 – released PXA270 based device with Android 2.2 support) e-con Systems™ was an expert in customizing the Android for the customers’ need. Many Android features had to be stripped down and new features were added to Android. Also, Android API for the new peripherals which was not part of the standard Android was added. In addition to strict timeline, there were change requests which had to be accommodated for successful product delivery.


Customer has successfully launched his product with lot of good references from their end users. Customer is moving ahead with good production volumes for successful deployment. Since e-con Systems™ has helped customer to realise the product in short span of time, customer could see huge success for his product.