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Many of you will be wondering what are new features available in Windows Embedded Compact 2013 and how it is different from its earlier version i.e. Windows Embedded Compact 7. Here is a nice article that discusses about the core performance difference between the WEC7 and WEC2013. Microsoft has done many improvements to the issued [...]

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Retrieving USB VID/PID in application on Windows CE 6.0/7.0

Every windows embedded developer knows that Windows CE is used for customized devices and some requirements demanded from the customers to restrict certain USB devices based on the Vendor ID (VID) or Product ID(PID). Device has to respond only to their USB accessories, for example, Customer has designed their own USB HID device accessories for [...]

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How to get USB Camera Driver Working in WEC7

As we know Microsoft has released the USB camera driver source code for Windows Embedded CE 6.0. Using this driver we can directly plug in the USB webcam to the WinCE 6.0 device and we can test the same. Check out my other post about “How to Get USB Camera Working in WinCE 6.0 ARM [...]

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Exploring VMR Features on Windows Embedded Compact 7

As you may know that Windows Embedded Compact 7 has new component for DirectShow video rendering(Video Mixing Render) which is more advanced than the old video render used in Windows Embedded CE 6.0.However the VMR has been available in PC side DirectX for a long time. I am planning to explore few features of VMR [...]

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As I started to look into the differences, the first thing that struck me was the image size. I was really seeing something drastically different in the image size when I compared the Windows CE 6.0 image of the Alioth platform and the Windows Embedded Compact 7.0 of Alioth. I created an OSDesign with selected [...]


It’s been a while since WEC 7 has been released to market and as days pass by I get more specific questions on which OS to use Windows CE 6.0 or the Windows Embedded Compact 7 (WEC 7). Well it’s a choice based on a number of different considerations and can be made only on [...]




Touch Gestures in Windows Embedded Compact 7

Touch screen and gesture support a few years ago a niche technology that was found in very few specialized businesses and industrial applications has suddenly seems to be everywhere. One day in the near future, operating a gadget, computer or other electronics devices without a touchscreen may seem as obsolete one to us like the idea [...]

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Yes! Finally the wait is over for the Winners of the Embedded Development National Finals, the Imagine Cup 2011 Embedded Development contest this year in New Delhi during 9th July 2010 to 5th May 2011. The Embedded Development competition provides a unique chance for participants to go beyond the desktop and use their creativity to [...]

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Windows Embedded Compact 7: Silverlight Shell with ActiveSync

As usual I started looking enthusiastically on new version of WinCE named Windows Embedded Compact 7 and especially the new features of the OS. I took our reference platform Alioth (A Marvel PXA 300 based reference design) BSP to explore the features of WEC7. I took the important feature of WEC7 (ie) Silverlight Shell. Wow!!! [...]

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Windows Embedded Compact 7: RTM–First Look

Windows Embedded Compact 7: RTM–First Look Yes! Finally the wait is over. The Windows Embedded Compact 7 is there for everyone to test. Microsoft came out with the RTM (Release to Manufacture) Version of the Windows Embedded Compact 7 in the first week of March. I tried to do a few things with the WEC7 [...]

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