It’s been a while since WEC 7 has been released to market and as days pass by I get more specific questions on which OS to use Windows CE 6.0 or the Windows Embedded Compact 7 (WEC 7). Well it’s a choice based on a number of different considerations and can be made only on a case to case basis.
Ok is WEC7 radically different from Windows CE 6.0? Well… Yes and No, again based on the factors that you take into consideration. There have been some radical changes and improvements in some areas and at the same time, some of the things have not changed much. So the best way it to highlight some of these changes practically. This would help the decision makers to make a call on Windows CE 6.0 or WEC 7.
There are areas where you may feel Windows CE 6.0 is better and some areas where WEC 7 is better… So it all depends on what you want to do!!
To enable this comparison, I tweaked my development board ( ) to enable it boot both Windows CE 6.0 and WEC 7.0 with a click of a button.
Here’s a short video of my setup…

All set, now let’s see what the differences are and where the differences matter!!
Again, please note that this series is not intended to find which is better, but to practically see the differences on both the platforms and let the audience decide which one they want to use for their application.
If you have any queries, post them in the comments. We would love to experiment those as well.