Microsoft has listed the catalog changes for compact 2013 from compact 7 in the MSDN link, at

But still few more components are removed and not listed in the above link and the document has to be updated.

Removed Components


    It is deprecated but available on WinCE 7 and it is completely removed from Windows Embedded Compact 2013. Documentation still shows that it is available. Alternatively Windows Imaging component is introduced from WinCE 7.0.
    Imaging (Compact 2013)

  • Windows Compositor (SYSGEN_COMPOSITION)

    This is used to automatically launch the application during booting with configurable delayed startup. See this link to know more about this,

  • Overlay Mixer (SYSGEN_DSHOW_OVMIXER)

    The Overlay Mixer filter can be used in other scenarios where you have multiple input streams, but it does not perform any actual mixing or alpha blending of the overlaid graphics. This is deprecated from Windows CE 6.0. Alternatively Video Mixer Render is introduced from WinCE 7.0 and it has the capability of both overlay mixing with alpha blending and video rendering.

2 thoughts on “Windows Embedded Compact 2013 – Removed Catalog items”
  1. I have a image viewer application in Windows CE 6.0 how can I port to Windows CE 2013?

  2. Imaging APIs are used in WinCE 6.0 for creating Imageviewers. Imaging APIs components are removed in WEC2013 and Windows Imaging components are introduced from WEC7. you have to rewrite your Imageviewer application using Windows Imaging component.

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